Drop-off and Pick-up Tips

Drop-off Tips

After you have entered all your items online in your account, and you have printed and attached the tags to your stuff, you will be dropping-off all your gear to the sale location.


Be sure that:

  1. All your items are tagged with price tags

  2. Tags are printed on WHITE card stock paper

  3. All hanging items are pinned to hangers

  4. Bridles with reins are securely attached together

  5. Boots are attached securely in pairs

  6. Horse blankets are clearly sized

  7. Tack, leather goods, horse blankets and all apparel are clean


When you arrive to drop-off:

  1. Bring in to the Barn to Barn office at the Event location one load of consignment – leave the rest in the car. If you can easily carry it all, bring it all.

  2. You will be given all your consignor information and VIP shopping armbands

  3. If you are bringing lots of clothing and tack, we will have rolling racks and carts to help you bring in your items.

  4. We will count and check in your consignment

  5. We will inspect ALL items to be sure that meet our standards

  6. You will then put on the selling floor all items that have passed inspection. You are then free to go.

  7. VIP shopping begins on Friday September 29th at 7pm


Our next drop-off is for the Wicomico Equestrian Center Event

                               6742 Blue Ribbon Rd, Salisbury, MD 21804


Drop-off times are: September 27 & 28      9am - 7pm

                               September 29              9am - 1pm

Pick-up Tips
Consigned items not designated to be DONATED must be picked up on Sunday, October 1st from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Items not picked up will become the property of Barn to Barn.

AFTER THE SALE - Consignors will need to find their items on the sale floor. 

  1. Before you come in, go online to your account and print out a list of all unsold items from your inventory to help you keep track and to remind you what you’re looking for. 

    1. You may also access this list on a smart phone.

    2. The sales through Sunday evening at 4:30p will be uploaded into MyCM by 5p.

    3. REGISTERS may still open between 4:30p-7:30p. 

    4. Any items sold between these times will be uploaded into consignor accounts by Tuesday morning.  We will NOT be able to print settlement reports on site. 

  2. If you have a lot of items, sort your list by type of item

  3. If you can’t find an item:

    1. Look everywhere!!  Items are moved constantly throughout the weekend.  With hundreds of customers touching items over the weekend, they are often moved around.  We do the best we can to recover them to the proper place, but it is not possible to catch everything.

    2. For clothes, look in racks of adjacent sizes

  4. Please bring bins, boxes, etc. to gather items. Our limited number of bins and clothing racks on wheels may only be used to help transport items to your car.  You are welcome to bring wagons or hand trucks.      

  5. Once your items are collected, you take them to a table staffed by a volunteer who will check to make sure you’re only collecting your own items.

  6. As a reminder, Barn to Barn is not responsible for lost or missing items after a sale.  With thousands of items that are inventoried over the weekend we do the best we can by providing security and checks and balances at the registers, but ultimately, we are not responsible for missing items.   

Pick-up time is: October 1st  4:30pm - 7:30pm

Wicomico Equestrian Center

6742 Blue Ribbon Rd, Salisbury, MD 21804

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Barn to Barn produces a series of equestrian consignment events through out the East Coast. Maryland Saddlery, Barn to Barn's parent company, is owned and operated by Hope Birsh, and has been in business over 28 years. Maryland Saddlery has three consignment stores; two in Maryland and one in Delaware. We have now expanded our expertise to traveling Consignment Events. Barn to Barn is managed by Bristol Craft.

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