Leather Care Tips


By regularly cleaning and conditioning your saddles, bridles and other strap goods you will not only be protecting your investment, it will lead to higher selling prices in consignment. Unconditioned tack and all leather equipment will  eventually become unsafe. 

Preventative care is the key: 

  • Bridles, strap goods, girths and the underside of your saddle need to be wiped down after every use.

  • After you ride, rinse away any horse sweat accumulated on your equipment with clear water, follow with glycerin soap on a damp sponge.

  • Bits should be rinsed and all strap goods need to be properly hung up to dry.

  • Once a week ideally, or once a month for sure, all tack should be cleaned thoroughly and conditioned.

  • Use a product that will restore the moisture your leather has lost during use. Over conditioning can lead to rotted stitching and gummy tack. Under conditioning will cause your tack to lose all its moisture leading it to crack and dry rot.

  • NEVER put a wet saddle pad over a saddle to dry


Get into a cleaning and conditioning routine.  It is easiest to do while you are still wearing them! Boots that are well cared for will bring in the most money when they are consigned.

  • Tall boots must be cleaned with glycerine soap regularly to remove the horse sweat at the ankles and the ring grit from around the foot and soles.

  • Use a Sharpie marker to fill in any nicks or scratches on the toes.

  • Shine your tall boots with neutral shoe polish to preserve the leather and to avoid getting black polish all over your breeches.

  • Tall boots need to be kept in a boot bag with boot trees in them. The boot trees help the ankles of the boots stay soft and supple and reduce the creases from the boots crumpling under their own weight.

  • Paddock boots as well deserve attention as they are the work boot of the equestrian.

  • Be sure to clean off your boots daily, especially if you muck stalls in them, and condition them every week.

  • Spray them down with a liquid glycerine, wipe them off and you are on your way. 

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