Tagging and Item Prep Tips

We welcome equipment and apparel for horses and ponies of all sizes shapes and disciplines. 

Tagging and Item Prepping Tips

  1. ALL items MUST be free from MOLD, MANURE, MUD, DIRT and URINE

  2. ALL items MUST be CLEAN and stain free

  3. All items consigned MUST be entered separately, and have a tag that is a unique to that item.

  4. All tags must be safety pinned on clothing, saddle pads and horse blankets.

  5. Pin tags to jackets and shirts on the LEFT Front shoulder.

  6. Pin pants on left front HIP.

  7. Use a small piece of clear packing tape to cover the safety pin that attaches your tag to your items. This will help keep you tags from falling off during the sale.

  8. All clothing MUST also be pinned onto a wire hanger.

  9. Zip tie together pairs of boots (horse or human).

  10. Zip tie tags onto boots and horse equipment.

  11. Please enter sizes on all items.

  12. Use Ziploc bags for groups of items such as polo wraps.

  13. Use Jumbo Ziploc bags for horse blankets.

  14. Tape with clear packing tape when appropriate.

  15. Do not tape over the barcode.

  16. Feel free to use a silver Sharpie pen to write your consignor # on the inside of your items. Especially on shoes and boots.

Suggested List of Supplies

  1. White Card stock-  60, 65 or 67# weight for printing your price tags

    1. Regular paper will tear too easily

  2. Wire dry Cleaners hangers – for all clothing

    1. Plastic hangers are unacceptable for consignment - they break too easily

  3. Safety Pins – One inch or larger

    1. Safety pins are available in most craft and sewing stores, even supermarkets.

  4. Clear Packing Tape

    1. Great for holding small things together

    2. Use to tape tags to items

    3. Use to cover safety pin on clothing

  5. Jumbo Ziploc bags for Horse Blankets


Optional list of supplies

  1. Price Tag Gun and Plastic Fasteners

    1. https://www.uline.com/BL_476/Long-Needle-Price-Tag-Gun-Fasteners?keywords=Tagging%20Gun

  2. Security Loops

    1. 5”-   https://www.uline.com/BL_3211/Security-Loops?keywords=loop

    2. Beaded - https://www.uline.com/BL_3206/Beaded-Security-Ties?keywords=loop

A New Way to Buy and Sell Consignment

About Us:

Barn to Barn produces a series of equestrian consignment events through out the East Coast. Maryland Saddlery, Barn to Barn's parent company, is owned and operated by Hope Birsh, and has been in business over 28 years. Maryland Saddlery has three consignment stores; two in Maryland and one in Delaware. We have now expanded our expertise to traveling Consignment Events. Barn to Barn is managed by Bristol Craft.

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